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Discover Fantastic Home Care Options for Seniors in Lacombe, AB

Learn how a Personal Support Worker can help a senior in your life regain their independence

Do you have a beloved elder in your life that could use some assistance from a home care specialist? You may have a senior in your life that is suffering from age-related difficulties that can be alleviated with the assistance of a professional Personal Support Worker. If a senior you know is having some of these difficulties, it may be time to look for some help:

Troubles with Mobility – Mobility issues can arise from many conditions and ailments, and seniors are the most likely to suffer from them. Not only can these kinds of ailments make it painful or uncomfortable to move freely but it can also cause sufferers to miss out on social and physical activities as well as suffering emotionally from the new lack of social contact. Skilled Personal Support Workers help seniors get to activities and appointments without worrying about falling or getting to the bathroom on time because of mobility issues.

Nutrition Issues – Many people, when they reach their golden years start having a lack of appetite which can lead to malnutrition as well as other health issues. this lack of appetite can be caused by health issues, lowered metabolism from lack of activity, or simply emotional components. Many seniors that now live alone due to the death of a spouse say they don’t see the point in cooking for one. With a compassionate Personal Support Worker there for meal time it can help alleviate some of these issues. Having someone there preparing delicious meals for them as well as being there to speak and enjoy the meal with them is usually all it takes to help a senior regain some of their appetites.

Escalating Health Issues and Caregiver Stress– For many seniors their primary caregiver is a spouse or other family member. When a senior has health issues seem to keep getting worse and worse it can be a sign that some professional assistance. A Personal Support Worker is trained in the unique requirements of caring for a senior and their assistance can help lessen the challenges of caring for your loved one. Additionally, they provide you with the freedom to spend your time with your loved one without having to worry about their care.

Our complete senior care service options are now available in Lacombe, AB. If you or a loved one are having any of the difficulties above or any other age-related complications, call Comfort Keepers at (587) 802-5402 today to learn more about our home care options.

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