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End of Life Care

Our Comfort Keepers will be there for your loved one to help them make the most of the time they have left.

Non-medical end of life care has helped thousands of seniors live on their own terms and in their own homes, which has had a tremendous impact on making the process much less emotionally challenging and physically exhausting on both them and their loved ones.

Ultimately, the goal of this type of care not to find a cure for your loved one but rather make the most of the time a terminal person has left. An ideal candidate for palliative has already been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Our job as non-medical end of life care providers is to make sure they are comfortable in every other way. This means doing everything we can to make sure they are feeling as good as possible considering the situation.

This includes providing personal care including bathing, dressing, and toileting assistance for your loved one, in addition to meal preparation, light house cleaning and companionship care. We are also available for overnight care.

We can help your loved one work out the logistics of seeing as many people as possible and spending time with those they care about the most. Our care services also focus on caring for your loved one’s spirituality. We can help them find peace with their God and meet with religious figures. This has been known to bring relief to people from all walks of life, even if they were never religious before.

Our Personal Support Workers can also be there for you and your family after your loved one passes. We can help you with anything you need from organizing the funeral and make other arrangements. We can also assist with things such as organizing personal items and moving belongings, but, before all else, we will be there to listen and help you process your loss.

To find out more about end of life services, please give us a call. We are always available to answer any questions you have and help you work through concerns.

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