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Private Duty Nursing Services

Having a private duty nurse looking after your loved one improves their quality of life & gives you peace of mind.

If your loved one has recently undergone surgery or is transitioning back home from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility, they could benefit from private duty nursing.

Of course, private duty nursing is not limited to assisting people in those two cases only. Many seniors who have a complicated health situation and need a lot of assistance getting through the day often require around the clock medical attention that a standard Personal Support Workers cannot provide.

Although most of the care Comfort Keepers provides is non-medical home care, we do have private duty nursing, which is one-on-one medical care. A private registered nurse will come to your loved one’s home to help them with any medical assistance they need. The great thing about this type of home care is that our registered nurse will be able to work in tandem with your loved one’s Personal Support Worker, allowing for more efficient and successful care of your parent.

All of our nurses are registered and can help your loved one with any of the following:

  • Administering medications, such as oral and topical medications, eye and eardrops, injections, nebulizers, inhalants, and oxygen
  • Providing personal medical care, including nail trimming, foot care, oral cavity suctioning, and bowel supervision
  • Wound care
  • Blood Samples
  • Post Operative Care
  • Filling insulin syringes
  • Interpreting blood sugar results and physician-ordered sliding scale dosages
  • Drawing up and/or mixing insulin for future injections
  • Maintaining ostomy and catheter hygiene
  • Setting up medications in weekly pill boxes or automatic medication dispensing machines to help ensure medications are administered appropriately
  • Care training for family members in case of emergencies

Our private nursing program is available around the clock or on an as needed basis depending on the extend of your loved one’s care needs. Private nursing care can be integrated into any of our personal care plans and serves the same purpose: to provide seniors with the best in home care possible.

To find out more about our private duty nursing program, do not hesitate to give us a call. It could help improve your loved one’s quality of life.

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