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Transitioning At Home Care Services

Easing your loved one’s transition home means quicker recovery & fewer hospital visits

Seniors have significantly weaker immune systems than younger people and it is precisely for this reason that any time spent in the hospital by seniors puts them at risk of catching a virus or developing an infection that could wreak further havoc on their body. This is what makes transitioning back home so important and at home care professionals play an integral role in helping seniors make the move successfully.

If your loved one has recently undergone a major medical event like surgery or suffered a heart attack or stroke, an at home care professional can be there for them through the entire transitioning process. Comfort Keepers Personal Support Workers will work with you and your loved one to prevent hospital readmission. This entails different care for different people and all of that depends on their overall ability and preferences.

One of the major reasons many seniors are not able to transition back home successfully and recover quickly is because they lack at home support. Some simply have no family members or acquaintances to help them because their children live in a different city or have families of their own. Even with a family caregiver, the amount of care and skills required to carry out safe assistance can be a daunting task for unqualified family members.

At home care professionals have undergone specialized training to help seniors have a better, more comfortable recovery. We can help your loved one to get discharged by working with hospital staff to ensure we completely understand how their recovery process should look. Personal Support Workers can help with medication management and household responsibilities such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and running errands.

We are also available to take your loved one to follow-up physician visits with safe, reliable transportation. If your loved one is not able to communicate effectively during visits or needs help to relay information to family caretakers, our Personal Support Workers can sit in on appointments.

How much at home care your loved one needs depends on a variety of factors, some that are constantly changing. If your loved one needs 24-hour care, part-time care or respite care as they transition home, we can create a care plan that will suit those needs.

To find out more about the at home care services we offer in Red Deer, AB, please give us a call today at (587) 802-5402.

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